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Learning and fun with card game

January 27, 2020
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

As part of their educational line of "Fluxx" games, Looney Labs has released a new game "Astronomy Fluxx."

In the card game, Fluxx, the rules are always...well, in flux. Players start off with basic rules of drawing one card and playing one card.

Then, as they do that very thing, the rules change, through cards that change the rules, create goals (which is how you win), actions that take place and then are discarded and keeper cards (again how you win.)

During the Astronomy gameplay, however, there is also additions to some of the rules and actions that bring in the educational aspect.

For example, players may be asked to name a constellation that hasn't been named by others yet. Another card is asked to quiz players on dates that are printed on some of the goal cards, which includes events like First Satellite into Obit and Hubble Telescope.

Many of the goals are collecting things that include facts about the planets, for example, a goal is to collect the ice giants, which are the planets Uranus and Neptune.

All of the photo illustrations come from NASA, so there are real pictures of the planets and other astronomy basics.

There is a lot of fun to be had here, with subtle education so it does feel bogged down as a "learning" game.

The game is for 2-6 players with a play time of around 30 minutes, though it can go quicker than that, depending on what all rules are played and what the goals are.

It is for ages 8 and up, which really depends on reading level - I have played past Fluxx with my youngest when she was younger than that, they just may need an adult to help explain the cards to them.

Astronomy Fluxx, published by Looney Labs, is available online and at boardgame stores. It is $16.

Amy Phelps has a lot of board games and is running out of room to put them. Contact her at



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