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Keeping new you in new year

January 27, 2020
Amanda Bohlen , MOV Parent

It's that time of the year again when people are making their New Year's Resolution. With the New Year, comes new goals. According to a study, only 8 percent of people who make a New Year's resolution actually achieve them. A poll was conducted with the top resolutions for 2020. The survey gathered the opinions of over 250,000 people. The top 10 resolutions for 2020 include:

1.Actually doing my New Year's resolution

2.Trying something new

3.Eat more of my favorite foods

4.Lose weight/diet

5.Go to the gym

6.Be happier/better mental health

7.Be more healthy

8.Be a better person

9.Upgrade my technology

10.Staying motivated.

How does one actually keep their New Year's resolution?

Start first by setting a weekly goal. Maybe you need to be specific about the day and time you will be going to the gym. Set a low-end and high-end goal, like drinking a gallon of water a day but start with a weekly goal of drinking one glass of water a day then keep striving for the bigger goal of one gallon of water a day by increasing by one additional glass of water weekly.

Begin your goal when you are actually ready. January 1st is not the only day you can set goals for yourself. Take time to plan what you are going to do when your motivation is lacking or temptation presents itself. Think ahead to any roadblocks you might encounter and what your response will be when that does happen. When the kids have activities after school, are you still going to be able to go to the gym? Take the time to put together your game plan or your blueprint first and then move into execution of your goal.

Work on making your new goal a habit. Try to think through all those barriers first and get everything ready in advance. Set the day and time on going to the gym then get into the routine of setting out your clothes and anything else you need in advance. The more routine you make it the more it will naturally become a habit making it less painful and less forgotten/neglected.

Maintain your motivation by figuring out your "why". List your reasons why you have set your goal. Then when you have days that are difficult you can read your why statements.

The logical reasons of your "why" will counteract the emotions you are feeling when your motivation is lacking. Others have referred to this as their vision statement. You can post your vision in different places so you are constantly reminded of it.

You could even create a vision board. You can also turn your "why" into positive affirmations and say them every morning when you wake up.

Don't beat yourself up when you have a slipup. We are all human and mistakes happen. Acknowledge the slipup and see it as an opportunity to make you stronger and better.

Learn from it and be proud of the progress you've made so far.

In making a lifestyle change, give yourself grace. Old habits are hard to break and slow progress is still progress.



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