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Mini game for kids, parents

August 26, 2019
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

By Amy Phelps

The next time the kids are bored (or even arguing) break out this mini card game from Looney Labs, "Are You A Robot?"

This social deduction game is for 2-3 players with a playtime of 2-3 minutes and consists of 3 cards and an instruction card.

Players are given a card that they will keep secret that says they are a human or are a robot. And that's it. The players will then spend 2-3 minutes talking to each other and asking questions, trying to determine who is the robot (or if there even IS a robot in the 2-player version.)

The game ends when a human points at another player and says "ZAP." If they zapped the Robot, they win. But if they shot the other human, the Robot wins. In a 2-player game, players can choose the option to trust that both of them are human and shake hands. If one of them is a Robot, they don't let go, and the Robot wins. If they both are humans and shake, they win. And if they choose to Zap, then they will either win by zapping the robot or lose by zapping the human.

The game is only $2, and you can combine copies of the game to play with larger numbers of people.

It's a cheap and quick way to add a bit of fun and get people laughing and talking.

Amy Phelps enjoys board games and has too many of them to fit on her shelves. You can reach her at



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