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New books for kids

August 26, 2019
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

By Amy Phelps

There are several new books out that will give kids some reading that is not school related!

First is a story written by two siblings about two siblings in "The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight" by New York Times best-sellers Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm.

The Evil Princess and the Brave Knight share a castle and a cat. And they share a love of fighting with each other. When the magic mirror sends them to their rooms, they find being in their rooms alone is kind of boring. They are told they can come out if they place nicely, but playing nicely is boring. So they decide to go on a quest, but even teamwork can use a little bit of bickering...

This is a story about sibling rivalry and why siblings are each other's best friends and sometimes worst enemies.

"The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight" is published by Random House. It is $17.99 and for ages 3-7.

A troll and a goblin want to have a rude child for dinner in "Goldilocks for Dinner" by Susan McElroy Montanari and New York Times bestselling artist Jake Parker.

Goblin and Troll are talking of going to town one day for tea, as long as they don't run into any children, because they feel that children are rude. They decide to find the rudest child and have it for dinner. So they go to town and meet a little girl who is quite contrary, a little boy sticking his finger in a pie and then run into the three bears, who appear to have a home invader on their hands. They decide Godilocks wins the invitation to their house. When Goldilocks gets there, what will she find?

This is a funny book about manners that packs a surprising twist at the end.

"Goldilocks for Dinner" is published by Random House's Children's Books. It is $17.99 and is for ages 4-8.

Speaking of best-sellers Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm, they also have a new book out in their Babymouse Tales from the Locker chapter book series with "School-Tripped."

Babymouse and her friends are going on a field trip to the art museum in the Big City. It sounds like a lot of fun, until she hears Felicia Furrypaws and friends are planning to ditch the field trip and go on the town instead. Will Babymouse follow? Will there be all kinds of misadventures?

Fans of the graphic novel and middle-school aged kids should enjoy this mouse who is anything but typical.

"School Tripped" is published by Random House. It is $13.99 and for ages 8-12.

Gothic gets a middle-grade twist with "Amelia Fang and The Barbaric Ball"? and "Amelia Fang and the Unicorns of Gitteropolis" by Laura Ellen Anderson.

In "The Barbaric Ball,"?Amelia Fang, a vampire girl, lives in Nocturnia and loves hanging out with her friends, Florence who is a yeti, and Grimaldi, who is a reaper, or her pet pumpkin Squashy. Her parents' annual Barbaric Ball is coming up, and that does not sound like fun to anyone. When spoiled Tangine pumpkin-naps Squashy, it's up to Amelia and her friends to ditch the party and save the pumpkin!

In "The Unicorns of Glitteropolis,"?Amelia and her friends now must help find Tangine's mother, Queen Fairyweather, who has gone missing in the Kingdom of Light. But for creatures who are at home in the gothic darkness, places like that are full of horrors, like fairies and angel-kittens and sparkly unicorns! Can they brave the frightening creatures and save the day?

For those middle-grade readers who enjoy friendly monsters, this is a cute story full of magic and things that go bump in the night.

Both books are published by Random House. They are $12.99 each and are for ages 7 and up.

Amy Phelps is the book editor for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel. You can contact her at



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