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Books for middle-grade

January 22, 2019
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

For those in the ages 8-12 category, there are several new books out now.

A ski trip with friends and crushes is told in "Never Evers" by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison (Delacorte Books, $16.99.) Mouse has just recently left ballet school and has to figure out a whole new school and set of students, on the school's ski trip. Jack is looking forward to the school trip and figuring out how he can get his first kiss. When the two meet, Jack is smitten and it seems like a romance may blossom, that is until a pop star shows up and has his eye on Mouse too. This is a sweet story of pop star crushes and preteens while on vacation that will be of interest to many.

Who ruined Theo's photography project? That is the mystery behind "It Wasn't Me" by Dana Alison Levy (Delacorte Books, $16.99.) It was supposed to be a prank, but now Theo's project is ruined and the five other students won't admit who did it. Now all six are suspended. While Theo wants to forget about it, his favorite teacher won't let it go and wants to bring all of the students in to talk about it and come to a resolution during vacation week. So The Jock, the Princess, the Nerd, the Screw Up, the Weirdo and the Nobody are all brought together - but will their differences bring them together or apart? A "Breakfast Club" feel, this story about bullying, justice and relationships will make kids think.

The worst kids in school and the worst teachers are paired up in "The Unteachables" by Gordon Korman (HarperCollins, $16.99.) The Unteachables are all kids who have been removed from the general population and stuck in room 117 - the misfits, delinquents and trainwrecks. Mr. Kermit, a once rising star teacher who got hit with a cheating scandal, is burned out and ready for early retirement, that is until the superintendent decides to put this group together. Will they have a good affect on each other or the worst? A story about redemption and coming together, this is a feel good story that kids will enjoy.

A winged horse brings a girl into a Olympus-sized horse race in "Wings of Olympus" by Kallie George and illustrated by Fiona Hsieh (HarperCollins, $16.99.) Pippa feels like an outcast everywhere, but then her luck changes when she is one of the lucky few chosen to ride the winged horses of the ancient gods for their 100-year race. With Zephyr, the two must come together to beat the ultimate race, or lose and lose their friendship forever. This is a cute adventure story that will appeal to horse and fantasy lovers.



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