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New releases in kids’ books

April 4, 2018
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

An ode to comic book heroes comes with a dad and daughter duo in "The Adventures of Wrong Man and Power Girl" by C. Alexander London and illustrated by Frank Morrison (Penguin, $17.99.) When there's danger in the city, Wrong Man is make it worse. Whether it's a city full of stinky cheese or accidentally letting sharks loose, our hero has some trouble. Luckily, his daughter, Power Girl is there to save the day. With eye-popping art and an adventurous story with heart, this is a picture book that will appeal.

A picture book celebrates individuality and being young in "Right Now" by Jessica Olien (HarperCollins, $17.99.)?Through an easy-to-read story, kids see that who they are right now is just fine, whether it's playing, learning or making a mistake, and they are experiences that will make you who you are. This is a good inspirational story for all kids to remember.

An adorable dog and cat go off on an adventure in "Take A Ride By My Side" by Jonathan Ying with illustrations by Victoria Ying (HarperCollins, $14.99.) Dog and Cat decide to take a trip in this simple rhyme book. They go on bikes, boats, planes and more and find that no matter where they go, home is still their favorite place. This is a good read-aloud picture book with very cute illustrations from a brother and sister team.

The funny duo of Moo Moo and Mr. Quackers is back in "What's Cooking Moo Moo?" by Tim Miller (HarperCollins, $17.99.) Moo Moo has come up with a wonderful idea for Mr. Quackers - they should open a 5-star restaurant! And has spent Mr. Quacker's life savings to open it! All Mr. Quackers wanted to do was go on vacation, but now he is helping to serve food at a restaurant while Moo Moo cooks a "special" that is not so special. Will this adventure work out? This is a funny story that will leave kids with the giggles.

A little girl is distracted all day by a surprise that is coming at the end of the day in "A Most Unusual Day" by Sydra Mallery with illustrations by E.B. Goodale (HarperCollins, $17.99). Caroline wakes up late, forgets her socks and is acting funny all day.

She tries to help and makes a mess at school and accidentally knocks out another girl's loose tooth. What is going on with Caroline today? At the end of school, her parents show up with someone new...a baby sister! A story about the excitement of a new baby and adoption, this is a good read for those getting ready to welcome a sibling.

For middle-grade readers, there is also a new crop of books to look for in April!

Two kids meet through an online game of Scrabble in "You Go First"?by Erin Entrada Kelly (HarperCollins, $16.99.) Middle-schoolers Charlotte and Ben live worlds apart, one in Philadelphia and one in Louisiana. But their Scrabble game isn't their only similarity - they both are having troubles at home and are experiencing bullying at school. As they play the game, they also grow in unexpected ways. A good story about middle school friendships and trials, this is a story that will make kids think.

A funny story about a micropig, a dog and a guinea pig is told in "Wedgie and Gizmo vs. The Toof" by Suzanne Selfors with illustrations by Barbara Fisinger (HarperCollins, $12.99.) Wedgie loves the new neighbor, the Toof. They are best friends and going to be in a pet parade. But Gizmo, the guinea pig, knows they are really superheroes ready to stop his evil genius plans! He will use a flying machine he bought online to set free all his fellow guinea pigs at the parade and take over the world! Or will he? This is a funny story of pet rivalry that will crack up kids.



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