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Back to school with books

September 21, 2017
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

Kids can enjoy getting in their back-to-school routine with new books!

From the My Weird School series are several new books. First is "My Weird School Fast Facts: Space, Humans, and Farts" by Dan Gutman with pictures by Jim Paillot as well as "My Weird School Fast Facts: Explorers, Presidents, and Toilets."

Both books offer easy facts for kids to learn on the founding of America, the Civil War, World War II, fun facts about the presidents, the solar systems, light and sound, famous scientists and yes, farts and toliets. Because kids like gross science. Both are published by HarperCollins and are $5.99.

The latest in the My Weirdest School series is "Mrs. Masters is a Disaster" by Dan Gutman with pictures by Jim Paillot. It's Grandparents Day and Alexia's grandmother who makes invention comes in to inspire the kids. Will their inventions make them big cash or big trouble? It is $4.99, published by HarperCollins and for ages 6 to 10. For a little bit younger readers is the I Can Read book, "My Weird School: Class Pet Mess"?by Dan Gutman with pictures by Jim Paillot. The class is getting a pet. What will it be? And who will take care of it? Will it turn out to be a diaster? This is for ages 4-8, published by HarperCollins and is $16.99.

Science can be explored with two new books, "Let's Investigate with Nate: The Water Cycle" and "The Solar System" by PBS host Nate Ball and illustrated by Wes Hargis. With fun art, word balloons and more, Ball leads kids through exploring where water comes from and where it goes, and visits the planets and sun. Each book also includes a hands-on experiment for young kids to try. Both books are for ages 4-8, published by HarperCollins and are $6.99.

For a little bit older kids are a few new chapter books. First is "The Losers Club" by New York Times bestselling author Andrew Clements. Alec is a sixth-grader who loves to read. But his principal says that he has to pay attention in class instead of always reading. He decides to start a club to enjoy his reading time -The Losers Club. It will just be him and his books then. But soon other kids start joining the club, including a former friend and a girl he may like. Will the story of his life start becoming more interesting? This is a warm story about friendship and the love of reading. It is published by Random House, is for ages 8-12 and is $16.99.

The stress of middle school and student assessment tests is explored in "The Perfect Score" by Rob Buyea. The story follows five kids under their own kinds of stress: Randi trying to figure out if gymnastics really are her future, Gavin who struggles with reading, Trevor who hates both school and home, Scott who is worried about his grandfather and Natalie who is concerned about always following the rules - until she isn't.

The upcoming student asscssment tests throw them all into more stress, and their teacher, Mrs. Woods, doesn't even like them and all of the activties they miss in order to prepare for them. And when someone gets the idea of cheating in order for everyone to pass, things take a turn and their story becomes national news. A hard look at the stress over state testing and on kids' lives, this will be relatable to kids. It is $16.99, for ages 9-12 and published by Random House.



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