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'Rhino Hero' interactive family game

February 9, 2016
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

If you're in the mood for a quick game the whole family can enjoy, look no further than Rhino Hero by HABA.

Created by Steven Strumpf and Scott Frisco with illustrations by Thies Schwarz, this game takes the basics of building card houses and gives them a super hero twist. Rhino Hero is climbing the building on the look out for bad guys, but even the tallest building may wobble. How high can he go?

Each player starts with a hand of five cards. The object is to get rid of all the cards in your hand first, or at least not be the one who knocks over the building. A card acts as a foundation, which has a pattern for where the walls must be placed. The first player must place the walls in that position and then add a roof from their hand, which also has a pattern for how the walls must be placed. The next player places the walls and then adds their roof, and so forth.

Some roof cards have special symbols that will change things up, like change the direction of turns, make the next player skip a turn, make the next player draw a card, allows the current player to play two roofs (and get extra cards out of their hand) and to force the next player to place the rhino hero. The rhino must be placed where his picture is, and it's not always the most balanced place! Then they must build the walls and roof as usual.

This is a really fun game that is a quick hit, and will get everyone laughing and likely standing on their feet and holding their breath, willing the cards not to fall down. It's fun to see how high up you can build your card tower.

"Rhino Hero" retails for $12.99. It is available at your friendly neighborhood game store, the company's website, and other retailers. It says it is for ages 5 to 99, but as long as little kids have the dexterity, they can play this one.



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