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Diner a quick little card game

December 7, 2015
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

"Diner" is a quick card game where the players are waiters and waitresses at a diner, competing to see who gets the most tips. And kids will love it as there are no turns!

The game is played with two-sided cards. One side is the dishes to be served, the other is ticket orders. Players will have three draw piles which to gather both dishes and tickets. The object is to serve dishes to fulfill the ticket orders and collect the tip money. The players receive one chip to use as an action. They then play the chip to either seat someone in their section (take a ticket order from the lobby and place it in front of them,) take a dish from the kitchen (take a dish from the draw pile,) serve a table (give all of the dish cards required from their hand,) seat at guest at the counter (get rid of a ticket from the lobby) or go back to the kitchen (get rid of their hand of cards and get a new one.) Once they have played the chip, it goes to the player next to them. You can play as many actions as you have chips, so someone can hold on to all the chips and make everyone else wait until they go. Once the cards run out, the game is over, and everyone tallies up their tip money to see who was the winner.

There is an element of strategy to the game, as taking an order means a dish card is flipped to become an order, and there is only a certain amount of each dish out there. And players can see what each other's orders are, so they could also take a dish on their turn just to make sure someone else doesn't get it to fulfill their order. But because it tends to be everyone going at once (unless someone is like my youngest and hoardes the chips while she leisurely decides what to do) there isn't a whole lot of time to think beyond filling your own orders.

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This game would also work for younger children because it is just matching pictures, there isn't any reading to do, and math skills are only used at the end to tally up tips. And it's fast-paced frantic energy makes it a fun game for all ages.

"Diner" is designed by Matthew O'Malley and published by Dice Hate Me Games. It retails for $9.95 and is for 2-4 players. The recommended age is for 10 and up, but I think it could be playable by younger kids as well. It can purchased at their website,, at online retailers and at your friendly neighborhood game store.



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