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Capture the bad guys with Batman game

November 19, 2015
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

The game Love Letter has gotten several themed releases, including "Lord of the Rings," "Adventure Time," and "Munchkin" to name a few. And yet another one is "Batman."

For those unfamilar with the game, Love Letter is a 16 card game for 2 to 4 players. Players receive a hand of one card. On their turn, they will draw a card and then play one card, doing whatever the card says. There are some cards that allow you to knock out other players from that round, whether by having a higher card than them or guessing their card identity. The object of the game is to have the highest value card than the remaining players by the end of the game. If you win that round, you get a Batman token. If you also happen to guess one of the other player's identities (through a card whose effect allows this to happen,) you will also get a Batman token and they will be knocked out of the round. Whoever gets 7 Batman tokens first is the overall winner.

This is a fun game that is pretty easy to pick up and learn, and it is a great family game. We recently took it to both a school field trip and a friend's holiday party, and taught it to a variety of ages (kindergarten through adult) and everyone seemed to understand it pretty quickly. A group of teenagers at the school event spent a large amount of time playing the Batman and Lord of the Rings versions and really enjoying it. Each themed version seems to have a card or two that is different than the other versions or require differing amounts of tokens to win overall, making them somewhat different games, and not just the same game with new pictures on the cards.

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The only thing I would say is some people are put off by the title "Love Letter" and initially balk at playing. A young boy had no interest in playing the "Love Letter game" but then wanted to play the "Batman game."

"Love Letter Batman Edition" is from Alderac Entertainment Group and Cryptozoic Entertainment. It is $10.99 and can be bought in either a boxed version or a handy travel bag version (I always buy the latter.) You can purchase it online or at local game stores. You can learn more about the game or more about any of the company's other games at



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