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Quick game brings cuteness to table

September 10, 2015
Amy Phelps , MOV Parent

A new quick and easy card game brings on the cuteness with Adorable Pandaring from Asmadi Games.

The game is for 3-5 players, ages 10 and up, and retails for $12. Playtime is 5-10 minutes.

The game is simple - players are trying to collect bamboo by using special numbered cards with - you guessed it - adorable pandas on them. Whoever is the first to collect 5 bamboo wins.

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At the start of the game, a player chooses what panda law is being used - if even, odd, high or low panda cards are "adorable." Those numbered cards are the pandas players want to play.

Players are then given a hand of four cards. On their turn, they will play one panda card face down (a hidden panda) and one panda card face up, and do whatever it says on the card to do. They then draw two more cards, and their turn is over.

When a specific number of adorable pandas are played, the player whose turn has just started scores for everyone, revealing all of the hidden panads, awarding bamboo to whoever has 2 or more adorable pandas and whoever has the most adorable pandas. The adorable pandas are shuffled back into the deck. The non-adorable pandas stay where they are. The current player then chooses a new panda law.

As I said, play goes quickly. The kids and I have found ourselves playing against the game to get more time to play, as in, "If you pick the odd panda law as adorable, scoring will trigger already because there are so many odd pandas left out, but if you pick low numbered pandas, we may get through two turns before scoring." And because it goes so quick, you can get through several games in a short amount of time, so there's more chance for everyone to win, which appeals to kids. And the cards are definitely adorable, appealing to kids and ellicting squeals of "Aww, I got a cute panda!" They're ALL?cute. There isn't a whole lot of reading, and is mostly relying on players knowing high versus low, even versus odd, so kids younger than 10 could play this, so long as they are familiar with those concepts.

Adorable Pandaring was created by Chris Cieslik, designed by Alanna Cervenak and has art by Maya Lior and Will Pitzer. You can purchase the game at the company's website,, or at game stores.



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