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Love Letter game

February 12, 2015
Rob Lucas , MOV Parent

Love Letter is a small card game of deduction, luck and some bluffing for ages 10 and up. Love Letter plays with 2 to 4 players and can easily be played in 20 minutes. The 16 cards are themed in a style reflecting renaissance Europe. Love Letter is sold in a red velveteen draw-string pouch with its 16 game cards, rules, 4 reference cards, and 13 red tokens. It is clever, well made and one of the most portable games you will own.

The instructions are brief, clear, and easy to pick up on. The story and concept behind the game is the players are suitors trying to win the attention of the princess who has locked herself away in the palace. The goal is to get a love letter into the hands of the princess, while trying to deflect the attempts of other suitors who are also trying to get their letters to her hands.

From the deck of only 16 cards, each player has a hand of 1 card; the simple game play is to take one card from the deck, and then play 1 card. As each card is played, the effect of the card happens and then play passes to the next player. The winner of each round gets their love letter to the princess by being the last player still in the round, or once all cards are gone from the deck, having the highest ranking card in hand (representing someone of rank who delivered your love letter to the princess). The winner of each round then gets a token of affection from the princess, and the first player to win a certain number of tokens wins the game (depending on the number of players).

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Love Letter is quite eye catching, extremely portable and a light mix of luck, deduction and light bluffing. Love Letter is from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), and can be found on-line and in stores like Toys R Us for around $10. A small game, a small price and big fun!



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