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Blocks for kids

January 19, 2015
MOV Parent

Asher Dunn, award winning designer and founder of Studio DUNN, set out to create a playful set of objects that would serve as children's toys as well as interesting desk or shelf adornments for adults. He was inspired by the wooden toys of his childhood, along with the notion that imagination, playfulness, and fun should not stop with adulthood, but keep growing and blossoming. Crafted from sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and walnut, the "Aminal" Blocks set contains 12 unique animal pieces: owl, hippo, kangaroo, polar bear, squid, chameleon, rhino, panda, eagle, sloth, whale and elephant. The set derives its name from the common toddler mispronunciation of the word "animal." While children may choose to use them as building blocks, adults can also enjoy the blocks as decorative objects on a coffee table or shelf.

Dunn enjoys how the set fits together like puzzle and that it takes a moment or two to figure out each animal. "I wanted to use the least number of lines necessary to describe an animal, making the viewer think a little harder to recognize the pieces," says Dunn. "The point is to encourage observation and imagination!"

The blocks are made primarily from offcut lumber from larger products that DUNN produces, making this a very sustainable product. For this reason, the species of wood for each block may vary based on the available size of offcuts. But most sets will contain blocks in all three hardwoods of maple, cherry, and walnut. These all natural American hardwoods are finished with FDA approved, food safe, purified oil finish with no nut oils. Even though there are no nut oils in these finishes, walnut wood is from the same tree that produces the walnut nut. Although it is extremely rare to have an allergy to the wood (even if one has an allergy to the nut) it is recommended that this product not be gnawed on by children with known nut allergies. Aminal Blocks is recommended for children ages two and up. Visit

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