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King of Tokyo

November 14, 2014
Rob Lucas , MOV Parent

King of Tokyo is an award-winning dice rolling game by designer Richard Garfield and published by Iello games. With a play time of about 30 minutes, this game is for 2 -6 players ages 8 and up, and is sure to be a hit with the family.

Players take control of a giant robot, giant lizard, giant ape and other fantastic monsters that are a throwback to the old Japanese monster movies, and try to become King of Tokyo!

On each turn, players roll a handful of large colorful dice and use the results to attack the other giant monsters, gain energy (to buy special temporary powers,) heal themselves and score victory points.

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The object is to be the last monster standing, or the first to gain 20 victory points and become King of Tokyo!

All of the components are bright, colorful and of a cartoon-like art style, which sure to please kids of all ages. The box contains 8 specialty dice, 6 cardboard monster tokens with stands, 6 boards to keep track of damage and victory points (one for each monster), 50 energy tokens, 66 cards, card effect tokens and a colorful (easy to read) rulebook.

This is a great family game, and just a great game to play with your friends. You can find it for around $30 from major online retailers, at stores like Toys R Us, and don't forget your friendly local game store!

Our family enjoys this game and we think yours will too.

Good gaming!



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