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Power of positive thinking for you, your kids

May 26, 2015 It may seem too good to be true: Think positive thoughts and you can feel more positive. But it is true. Your thoughts form your character and how you view your world. You are what you think you ar. more »»

Helping the anxious child

April 13, 2015 Much to my chagrin, I am a 43-year-old nail-biter. Sadly, I have bitten my nails most of my life. more »»

Successful single parenting strategies

March 12, 2015 My son wasn’t the only one tossing a mortar board last June. We both had so much to celebrate. He graduated from high school and I survived Motherhood: The Opening A. more »»

Minimizing sibling abuse

March 12, 2015 If your childhood was anything like mine, it involved frequent fights with a sibling. My older brother and I name-called, teased, bullied and sometimes even physically hit each other. more »»

Getting past the past

January 19, 2015 We all do it from time to time. Some of us have set up shop there, while others just pay it a quick visit now and then. But The Past isn’t where you belong. more »»

Make healthier choices at holidays

December 11, 2014 Last year, at a visit with our family’s pediatrician, I was shocked to hear her tell my 4-year-old daughter, Amelia, that her BMI (body mass index) was too high and that she needed to start making... more »»

Alternative to Candy at Halloween

October 13, 2014 Recently we started handing out small “trinkety” items in lieu of candy at Halloween. more »»

Setting a green example

April 7, 2014 Whatever happened to Woodsy Owl? I remember being positively influenced by this planet-preserving cartoon bird back in grade school. more »»

How to alleviate sibling rivalry

March 3, 2014 While pregnant with our second child, my husband and I did our best to prepare our 2-year-old for a new addition to the family. more »»

Dangers of RSV

February 4, 2014 When my second daughter was only 5-weeks old, she caught a cold from her older sister who had recently begun preschool. more »»

Keeping kids safe

February 4, 2013 While interning as a counseling student at Ohio University, I briefly worked with elderly sex offenders at a medium-security prison. Nearly all of these men were pedophiles. more »»

Dealing with tragedy

January 3, 2013 As the mother of a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old, the Connecticut shootings devastated me. It was difficult to tear myself away from all the news, especially the images of agonized parents. more »»


January 31, 2011 We give birth to you. We are blessed with you. We cuddle you when you fear the night. We kiss your boo boos when you fal. more »»

A New Resolution

January 3, 2011 A New Resolution The New Year arrives and our resolutions have been made. Attend the gym? Nope lets be different this yea. more »»


May 24, 2010 No more days of school Days at the pool Sleep over’s Late nights at the movies Kicking it back at the drive-in On the phone all hour... more »»

To My Pre-Teen/Teen

May 3, 2010 Dear Son/Daughter, Come to me, talk to me. I know and understand all of the changing steps you are about to take. No more diapers, late night feedings or rocking you to sleep. more »»

Mother - A Poem

April 30, 2009 Mother, you have helped me. Mother, you have guided me. Mother, you have shadowed me. Mother, you have respected me. Mother, you have sheltered me. more »»

Green - A Poem

March 30, 2009 Flowers are yellow, pink, purple and even blue. Trees are short and tall some are even wide and small. The hills are rolling near and far while being here and there. more »»

Preschool Moms

March 5, 2009 Early mornings with alarm clocks buzzing. The smell of coffee brewing in the air. Lunches packed with delicious snacks. Shower to tackle while brushing your teeth. more »»

Mommy - A Poem

December 23, 2008 Late nights with crying colic Covered shirts with projectile spit up Brushing your teeth seems to be a privilege Going to the bathroom in peace is gone
more »»



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