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A parent’s battle plan for tantrums

October 13, 2014 You're in your least favorite aisle of the grocery store: Aisle 5. That's the candy aisle. more »»

Taking your kids to restaurants

October 13, 2014 Having a young child doesn’t mean that you have to give up dining out. more »»

Ways to help teens survive a breakup

October 13, 2014 One of the toughest parts of parenting I ever had to participate in was when my daughter went through a breakup. It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 63, breakups hurt. more »»

Big dog vs. underdog parenting

September 9, 2014 The old saying about kids not coming with a training manual is true. And the problem of “What do I do with this kid?” is intensified for parents in our contemporary rush-rush, worry-worry worl. more »»

Easing anxiety in your children

September 9, 2014 Do you worry when you see your child feeling anxious? Sometimes parents struggle with how to help and try different approaches that don’t seem to help. more »»

Easing back-to-school jitters

September 9, 2014 School bells are ringing and kids are everywhere. As you drive slowly through school zones, you can see and feel the excitement in the ai. more »»

Parenting young kids

May 27, 2014 Many parents ask the same question. “How do I get my child to listen when I can’t figure out what to do? Nothing works!” Have you ever been on a boat? It gets rocked back and forth by the wate. more »»

Kids can rock on at museum

May 27, 2014 For music lovers, the perfect blend of entertainment and education comes in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. more »»

Ideas for the Great Smoky Mountains

May 27, 2014 Not only is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a family-friendly destination, there are also a lot of things a family can do in the Pigeon Forge, Tenn., area. more »»

Reasons for summer camp

May 27, 2014 As a parent, it is difficult to let our children go to summer camp. We worry about their safety, whether they are eating, if they are homesic. more »»

Shrek The Musical

May 5, 2014 The Actors Guild of Parkersburg will present Shrek the Musical at The Actors Guild of Parkersburg. The theater at 724 Market St. in Parkersburg, will have productions at 8 p.m. more »»

Talking to kids when bad things happen

May 5, 2014 With the recent happenings in Texas, we, as parents, are faced with the question of how do we talk to our children about what happened and then help them feel safe and reassured that it won’t happen... more »»

Tips for fighting cyber bullying

May 5, 2014 What is it? Cyber bullying is bullying which happens online via electronic technology (cell phones, computers and tablets). more »»

Improve your relationship with teen

May 5, 2014 Parenting children when they are young is relatively easy. Parents are in charge and establish rules and consequences for misbehavior. However, pre-teens and teens challenge the rules almost daily. more »»

Setting a green example

April 7, 2014 Whatever happened to Woodsy Owl? I remember being positively influenced by this planet-preserving cartoon bird back in grade school. more »»

Local youth theatre arts program announces auditions, open house

March 10, 2014 Mid-Ohio Valley high school and early college-aged young adults are invited to audition on April 12 and 13 for the local Theatre de Jeunesse free theatre arts program’s July production of Camelot b... more »»

Language building with books

March 3, 2014 I believe a child’s ability to learn at a very early age is typically underestimated—possibly delaying a child’s verbal development. more »»

Children can be challenging

March 3, 2014 Let’s face it, children do not come with instruction manuals. Consequently, we as parents sometimes struggle to do the right thing for our childre. more »»

Love your family, heart

February 4, 2014 February brings thoughts of love, valentines and cupid shooting his arrow. It also brings to mind hearts. more »»

Change your thoughts, change your life

February 4, 2014 A brand new year presents many opportunities to help our children with the challenges that come their wa. more »»



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