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Back to school!

September 1, 2016 It’s that time of year again. Much to the chagrin of many kids (and to the joy of some parents), summer is coming to an end. That means school! Back-to-school time means a lot of things. more »»

Developing emotional regulation

May 9, 2016 A baby cries. A mother instinctually picks the baby up, makes eye contact, smiles, talks affectionately and soothingly. more »»

St. Paddy’s Day craft for kids

March 7, 2016 With overflowing spirits, pub crawls and boisterous parades, St. Patrick's Day celebrations are largely geared toward adults. more »»

New twist on spring decorating

March 7, 2016 Eggs are symbolic of Easter. They're colored, decorated, hidden, and used in decorative items for the home. more »»

Snow removal tips

February 9, 2016 Stay safe from slips and strains by following these recommendations for safe and effective snow removal. ? Shovel all sidewalks adjacent to your property to the bare pavement. more »»

Tips for fighting ‘the flu’

February 9, 2016 We experience a lot of illnesses this time of year. Because we’re indoors and in close proximity to others, many of us end up with what is often called “the flu. more »»

Help, my child refuses to eat

February 9, 2016 Will your child not eat when it’s dinnertime? Does your child refuse to try new foods? Does your child want to graze all day? Many parents complain about this problem and usually the solution is... more »»

Keeping kids safe on Internet

February 9, 2016 Close your eyes and picture a child bull. more »»

What parents should know about pediatric immunizations

January 14, 2016 One of the first things new parents must face is immunizations for their infant. But there is a lot of information going around out there about immunizations. Stevan J. more »»

Amazing superfood for your baby

January 14, 2016 Imagine that someone had discovered a new superfood to feed and immunize everyone on Earth. more »»

Gifts for kids can be ‘super’

December 7, 2015 With the new superhero-themed movies and television shows out now, they have definitely captured kids’ excitement. more »»

Teaching kids gratitute

November 19, 2015 Teaching kids about gratitude is something we can do as parents every day. A simple way to start is by simply teaching them to say “please” and “thank you.” Good manners and gratefulness overlap. more »»

Get kids involved

October 15, 2015 The benefits of youth participating in extracurricular activities after school are enormous. more »»

How to encourage child’s friendships

September 10, 2015 School has already begun. Perhaps over the summer, your child got together with their friends on Facebook instead of face-to-face. Your child may have 1000 Facebook friends, but no real friends. more »»

Great news about homesickness

May 26, 2015 That’s right . . . there’s great news about homesickness! For starters, you should know that: Homesickness (or “missing home”) is normal. more »»

Moms need mom friends

May 26, 2015 When you were in college, you may have gone through a season of your life where you had as many guy friends as girlfriends. It may have been easier, less drama and better parties. more »»

Teens and Cyber Safety

May 12, 2015 Most teenagers today know more about technology than their parents. Teens spend an estimated 7.5 hours a day online. They have never known a world without Interne. more »»

Conflict resolution with IEPs

April 13, 2015 Conflict is difficult and we can’t always avoid it, especially when it’s over something as valuable as ensuring your child’s needs are being met. more »»

Home food preservation

April 13, 2015 Spring is now upon us and Earth Day is just around the corner. In 1970, the very first Earth Day was observed with the goal of promoting a healthy and sustainable Americ. more »»

Inclusion: Everyone together

April 13, 2015 Everyone needs and wants to be included. We all want to belong and feel welcomed and a part of something bigger. more »»



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