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Homework: Taming the Bane

November 10, 2009 What child out there enjoys continuing school work at home? What parent enjoys it? I’m betting most children and parents would rather not deal with homework. more »»

Things to think about before divorce

October 6, 2009 To the spouse who is thinking of leaving… I’m going to be saying some things here that I want you to know and consider. more »»

How strong is your committment?

September 8, 2009 There is a lot of information out there about why marriages fail. A quick search of the Internet turns up articles on how communication is the key to marital success. more »»

Adoption: Some Special Issues

May 22, 2009 Recently I’ve received a request to discuss adoption and issues that arise unique to this family experience. more »»

Discussing money in Marriage

April 30, 2009 Mike and Lori (fictional names) are headed towards divorce. Lori came home from work and found the electricity was out. She decided she’d had enough after she learned the electric bill wasn’t paid. more »»

The challenge of raising boys

March 30, 2009 How would you describe boys, in general? I asked several people and they described boys as hyperactive, “heathens”, accident prone, ill-behaved and boisterous. more »»

Fireproofing your marriage

March 5, 2009 “Never leave your partner behind” is the tagline for the newly released movie “Fireproof.” This movie depicts a young married couple experiencing total marital meltdown. more »»

Unstructured play is really O.K.

February 2, 2009 Whenever I get together with other parents, conversation inevitably comes around to what activities their kids are into these days. more »»

The Transition to Parenthood

December 23, 2008 Parenthood is great in many ways. Becoming a parent, however, is a growth process and it takes a lot of learning through trial and error. more »»

Being Present for the Presents

November 26, 2008 Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. more »»



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