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Keeping new you in new year

January 27, 2020 It’s that time of the year again when people are making their New Year’s Resolution. With the New Year, comes new goals. more »»

Chow Line: Picky eating a normal part of early childhood

November 11, 2019 My 4-year-old REFUSES to eat anything that is the color red — no red apples, tomatoes, red peppers or even pepperoni on her pizz. more »»

Happy fall y’all

October 15, 2019 Autumn is officially upon us. The fresh-crisp air and warm colored leaves surround us. The fall is by far my favorite seaso. more »»

Take the guess work out of lunch

August 26, 2019 The new school year can bring some very stressful times when it comes to packing lunches and after school snacks. We want to make sure our kids are getting the best nutrition possible. more »»

Reduce your vacation stress

May 23, 2019 Now that summer is here, excitement is in the air to get out and travel to favorite places or make new adventures with family or friends. more »»

Teaching your child how to stop and think

May 13, 2019 Does your child struggle with controlling their body? Are they able to fix their behaviors relatively easy? Have you noticed that they: Act overly silly or “out of control” Have tantrums or meltdown... more »»

Considering a gluten-free diet?

April 15, 2019 Chow Line: I am thinking about removing gluten from my diet. Is there anything that I need to consider before making that decision? Yes. more »»

Staying positive in tough times

March 7, 2019 Last year was a very difficult year for my family, and 2019 has not started any better. Everywhere I turn, I am forced to think about the challenges my family is facing. more »»

Chow line: Prep and freeze food

February 6, 2019 When I get home from work some nights, I am exhausted and simply don’t feel like cookin. more »»

Gadget that’s all the rage

January 22, 2019 Pressure-cooking is a food preparation method that uses trapped steam. The food is sealed inside of a vessel with liquid, heat is used to create steam and this increases pressure inside the vessel. more »»

Eat carefully at parties, potlucks

December 13, 2018 The time of year is upon us when parties and potlucks are at an all-time high. I find myself going from one event to the next praying that I can make it through the event without overindulging. more »»

Meal planning, preparation, part 3

November 13, 2018 How have you been doing with meal planning and preparation? I’m going to be transparent. more »»

Meal planning, preparation, part 2

October 8, 2018 It’s 5 p.m. and you just got off work. You’re too tired to go home and fix dinner but your budget won’t allow you to swing through a drive thru. more »»

Meal planning, preparation, part 1

September 13, 2018 One of my favorite movies growing up was Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. Naturally, I wanted to be Belle. However, as I’ve gotten older I find that I can relate more to others in the movie. more »»

Healthy, stress-free packed lunches

August 23, 2018 My kids go back to school next week and I’m already stressing about what to pack for their daily lunches. more »»

Are you stressed?

May 4, 2018 As parents, our life is so full of hassles, extra-curricular practices, frustrations and demands. For many of us, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress isn’t always bad. more »»

Making your health a priority

April 4, 2018 Sometimes as parents, it’s hard to put ourselves first. A few years ago I worked really hard at following a weight loss program and lost 40 pounds. more »»

Changing the atmosphere

March 8, 2018 If you’re a special parent, I’m sure you can recall the moment you became “special.” You remember the minute, maybe the day or week... more »»

Eating healthy after resolutions fail

March 8, 2018 Starting off a new year always comes with resolutions. It was reported that last year’s top resolutions dealt with health and wellness. more »»

Be on the lookout for behaviors

January 26, 2018 Anyone can experience a mental health problem. Unfamiliar of what mental health means? “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. more »»

Think before you drink

November 16, 2017 On average, Americans are drinking more soft drinks, sports drinks and sweetened tea, not to mention sweetened coffee beverage. more »»


Childbirth Education Class August 8, 2020

Condensed Childbirth Education Class at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital. Call 424-2748 to register. more »

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Spring has Sprung!

April 15, 2019 Are you ready for spring? I know I am! I am happy that the days are getting much brighter and we’re now getting more sunshine, hopefully now we will also start having more days that feel like spring... more »

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