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2020 resolutions for kids

January 27, 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 TO BOTH YOUNG AND OLD WITH MANY BLESSINGS! January is the month where many new habits and ways can be put into force and adopted; for instance now the time to implement some of... more »»

Party time for your child

November 11, 2019 What is more exciting for a child than the thought or anticipation of an upcoming party, especially a party of their ow. more »»

Keep our children safe

October 15, 2019 Now that school is back in session, one thing for sure, we need to have some serious talks with our children about safet. more »»

Keto cookbook offers dishes for all

September 16, 2019 There are all kinds of eating methods out there, and one that has been getting more attention lately is keto. more »»

Students - welcome back to school

August 26, 2019 I am sure you had a long and enjoyable summer vacation from books and the classroom. more »»

Make exercise a family activity

May 13, 2019 Bike riding, ice skating, driveway basketball, bowling, hiking and swimming are all fun family activities that you should encourage your children to take an active part i. more »»

Parents should set good example

April 15, 2019 Your children often mimic what they see their parents eating, and so you should try to eat healthy foods. Let your children know that you love the flavor and the juices of a fresh peach. more »»

Healthy snack ideas for your children

March 7, 2019 As parents, grandparents and guardians, I feel we have a big responsibility on our hands to raise our children strong and healthy. more »»

Six healthy food groups for kids

February 6, 2019 You are probably thinking that healthier eating is an idea that will not work with your children because most children love pizza, cookies, potato chips, soft drinks and candy and all those are... more »»

Keep vaccines up to date

January 22, 2019 The school year is half gone and I am sure before school started in August, kids were required to get certain shots. more »»

Teach your children traditions

December 13, 2018 December is a very exciting month for children and adults of all ages, mainly because of the anticipation of the arrival of Ol’ St. Nick. more »»

Slumber parties and sleepovers

November 13, 2018 Most kids love to have their friends over for sleepovers — sometimes the children want to invite their best friend or several friends and with several friends over, we must do a little more detail... more »»

Meals on the run for kids

October 8, 2018 With today’s busy lifestyle, sometimes the only way out is a fast trip to a fast food establishment and the good news is recently the restaurants are required to list the calories and are offering... more »»

Table techniques for kids

September 13, 2018 In order for children to develop a positive and healthy relationship with food, parents need to make the family meal table a happy and fun event, along with lots of communication and conversation,... more »»

Classroom Treats

August 23, 2018 Now that school is starting and if you decide to be a homeroom mom or just offer to take in treats one day, deciding what to fix to take in can be a real challeng. more »»

Tips for elementary kids’ lunch

May 4, 2018 School age children spend many hours away from home and are influenced by Television Commercials, Misc Advertising and so on … So parents must set a good example and establish healthy eating habits... more »»

Cooking for preschoolers

April 4, 2018 By reading different cookbooks for children and having three of my own children and eight grandchildren, you can get many different ideas for dinner. more »»

Get out the slow cooker and cook

March 8, 2018 Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Get out your slow cooker instead and check out some recipes from Addie Gundry in “Essential Slow Cooker Recipes” (St. Martin’s Griffin, $19.99. more »»

Take family to Italy with ‘Super Tuscan’

November 16, 2017 New York Times bestselling authors and cohosts of Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” Gabrielle Corcos and Debi Mazar return with a new cookbook, “Super Tuscan” (Touchstone, $35. more »»

Casserole cookbook gives variety

September 21, 2017 I know people will be shocked by this — my picky eater doesn’t like casseroles. I kno. more »»

Go upscale with family favorites

April 11, 2017 Hostess of, a website with recipes, party-planning tips and lifestyle advice, recently released her first cookbook with “Upscale Downhome” by Rachel Hollis (Thomas Dunne Books, St. more »»


Childbirth Education Class August 8, 2020

Condensed Childbirth Education Class at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital. Call 424-2748 to register. more »

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Spring has Sprung!

April 15, 2019 Are you ready for spring? I know I am! I am happy that the days are getting much brighter and we’re now getting more sunshine, hopefully now we will also start having more days that feel like spring... more »

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