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Scariest fright Halloween night

October 13, 2014 For me, few things are scarier than haunted houses, ghosts, witches, and vampire. more »»

Healthy choices for summer

May 27, 2014 The summer season is often an ideal time for people to be active outdoors, travel and reunite with friends and family. more »»

Lunchbox tips: Quick and nutritious

September 3, 2013 Kids today have a lot on their plates — getting good grades, playing in sports and music, making new friend. more »»

Teaching kids to listen to their bodies

May 3, 2013 Children are usually not shy about telling us when they are hungry or ful. more »»

MyPlate for preschoolers

April 8, 2013 One important part of helping your child develop healthy eating habits is serving them appropriate portion size. more »»

Start your child on healthy beverages early

February 4, 2013 Health and nutrition experts agree that breast milk is the best choice for infant feeding. more »»

K.I.S.S. tips for family meals

December 4, 2012 Try these tips to help your family connect better at mealtime. Find out what works for your family. Keep It Stress-free and Simple. Keep your eyes, ears and heart connected to your family member. more »»

Ghoulishly great ideas for parties

October 15, 2012 If it were only at Halloween, we wouldn’t be concerned about the candy. But it’s not just at Halloween. more »»

Make nutritious snacks

September 4, 2012 Your child was born liking sweet things. This is why snacks like popsicles, cakes, cookies and candy are so appealing. They are all high in sugar and very sweet. more »»

Playing it safe in the heat and sun

May 22, 2012 In the summer people are outdoors more enjoying a variety of sports and recreational activities and should protect themselves from the summer sun and heat as much as possibl. more »»

Gwen Crum

May 3, 2012 As a nutrition uutreach instructor, one of the most common questions I receive from parents is regarding “picky eaters.” When it comes to eating, both kids and parents have very specific roles. more »»

Prepping your child's palate

January 3, 2012 As a parent it is your role to expose your child to a variety of healthy foods. Children provided with many types of foods are more likely to eat a greater variety of food during childhood. more »»

Scare up some fun, healthy snacks

October 4, 2011 Halloween parties don’t have to be full of sugary snacks and treats. There are lots of healthy snack options available. more »»

Breakfast brain food

August 29, 2011 What happens when we don’t supply our brains with enough energy for the day? We tend to become irritable, lethargic and even develop headache. more »»

Heart-healthy Valentine’s parties

February 1, 2011 February is “heart month” for more reasons than Valentine’s Day. It’s a month of sweet treats and Valentine’s cards, and it’s also a month recognizing the importance of heart-healthy livin. more »»

Good health habits begin at birth

January 3, 2011 When it comes to health we often hear about ways to improve eating and activity habits of children and adults. more »»

Breakfast in need of a makeover

September 7, 2010 The modern-day morning looks dramatically different than a decade ago. More kids than ever are either grabbing a toaster pastry or fast food sandwich, or skipping breakfast entirely. more »»

Don't Forget Snacks

May 24, 2010 Just as you would pack a healthy lunch for your child to take to school, you should also pack your child healthy snacks to take to camp. more »»

Right-sized portions for preschool-age children

March 8, 2010 It is not unusual for parents to be concerned their active preschooler-age is not eating enough. What may seem like a small amount to an adult may be the right amount for a child. more »»

Growing healthy eaters

February 9, 2010 Parents should bring healthy food into the family setting, but also let the child know they are responsible for the right decisions in other settings. more »»

Create healthy eating habits

January 12, 2010 In the New Year we often focus on our eating habits and not our children. Do not forget children should also have healthy eating habits and it is never too young to start. more »»


Parkersburg Library Toddler Time February 25, 2020

Toddler Time for 2-year-olds and younger is from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Must register. Call (304) 420-4387 ext. 20. more »

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April 15, 2019 Are you ready for spring? I know I am! I am happy that the days are getting much brighter and we’re now getting more sunshine, hopefully now we will also start having more days that feel like spring... more »

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