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Land of Babies

January 14, 2016 - Amy Phelps
Ah, the land of babies! A time when sleep is at a minimum and is the one thing in the world that you most desire. And a sweet-smelling bundle of adorableness that you would do anything for and might throw up on you at any moment. My days of babies are over now with a teenager and a pre-teen at home. But I’m lucky enough to have friends who still have babies and toddlers, and one friend who has a toddler grandson, so I get the thrill of being an aunt. That means cuddling babies, talking to them, playing peekaboo and all of the fun stuff, but none of the late night scream-fests that is having a baby of your own. Some of you may be reading this and not remember walking the floors with a shrieking baby for hours every single night. I do. That is seared into my memory forever. Sorry girls, but it’s true. My oldest had what came to be referred to as the silent scream of rage as a little baby, where she would be unconsolably crying and her little face would get red and no more sound would come out, and then she’d take a giant breath and cry all the louder. This would especially happen in her carseat on car rides - she thought car rides were torture. Years later, she suffers from car sickness. Guess I know why she hated car rides so as a baby. They made her sick. And that is the anxiety of babies. They are tiny people depending on you as the parent to take care of all of their needs - and they cannot express them, you can only guess. Are you hungry? Wet? Too hot? Too cold? Tired? Not feeling well? It’s a guessing game that you’re never quite sure if you got the answer right or not. Now I have a young lady who can wear Seabands and take medicine to help on long car rides. If need be, she can tell me to pull over. Soon enough, she can do the pulling over herself! And while I miss the times of cuddling little babies, I enjoy our times now of funny jokes and shared books and movies and television shows, and look forward to the other trying times - learning to drive, first dates, first jobs and all of the tears that come with it. Hopefully no silent screams of rage though.


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